"One under a tree, one under a bush, one in the water."
Lee Trevino describing how he was one under during a tournament.

A Bit of Etiquette

  • Replace divots in the fairway or rough.Golf cartoon
  • Repair ball marks on the green.
  • No throwing of equipment or use of bad language.
  • Remain still and quiet when others are addressing their ball.
  • Do not stand directly behind the hole while others are putting.
  • Do not stand or walk in another player's putting line.
  • Keep your shadow out of the other player's view.
  • Do not stand in the tee box area when another player is hitting.
  • While tending the flag try to keep your shadow on the same side as the flag's shadow, unless requested differently.


Show respect to fellow members as well as to Pinecrest employees and
volunteers.  This includes any requests the marshal may ask of you.


Forget your opponents; always play against par. ~ Sam Snead