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Weekly tournament winners and handicaps will be determined by the computer with results posted on the bulletin board and this website. Based on your Handicap Index, you will be assigned to one of four flights (A, B, C or D).

New members must play five (5) rounds at Pinecrest to receive a PWGA handicap. League rounds are automatically included. 

  • Non-league rounds may be submitted to establish your handicap.  Only rounds played with and attested to by another PWGA member will count towards a handicap. These may be played any day of the week. (Just submit the signed/attested scorecard via this link.)  Once your handicap is established, only rounds during League play are counted.

Handicaps are recalculated after the last play of each month. At that time, flights are reviewed and may be adjusted (based on HC Index) so each flight has an approximately equal number of players.  Handicaps and flights will not change once the Club Championship starts.  Handicaps are carried over to the beginning of the next season (although flights may change depending on members added/leaving)

Go to the Reports page to view the current Handicap reports

Members earn points for weekly wins (1st, 2nd, 3rd place Event Winners).  

Points are awarded as follows:  3 points for 1st, 2 points for 2nd and 1 point for 3rd place.  There is only 1 winner per place so ties are broken by matched cards starting with the hardest handicap hole continuing until the tie is broken.  (The Putts only event uses putts for matched cards instead of total strokes for each hole.) The “Strokes by Hole” column on the weekly Detail report shows the player’s strokes per hole beginning with the hardest handicap hole so you can see how the ties were broken.

Points are totaled and Prize Money is distributed at the end of the season.   (The tournament committee determines the amount paid for points based on the monies available in the treasury that year.)

Go to the Reports Page to view the current Points by Player report.

                                                              Birdie pin

Awards for earning less than par on any hole will be determined by the computer.

A member may only earn 3 birdie pins per year:
  – one on a par 3 hole (Holes 3, 7, 9)
  – one on a par 4 hole (Holes 1, 2, 5 & 6)
  – one on a par 5 hole (Holes 4 & 8)

Birdie pins are distributed at the end of the season.

Go to the Reports Page (Weekly Reports) to view the new YTD Birdie report.

Chip-Ins                                                                               Chip In

A chip-in occurs when your first shot onto the green (whether you used an iron or a putter) goes directly into the hole.  Record -0- putts on the scorecard for that hole.

Chip-In Pot

Only those persons who have prepaid to participate in the Chip-in Pot are eligible to win Chip-In money.  The Chip-In Pot is prepaid at the beginning of the season or within 2 weeks of a new member joining.  Participation is $7 for the 2022 season and prorated for new members.  Chip-in Pot winnings are paid out at the end of the season.

The total money in the ChipIn Pot will be divided by the total # of chip-ins made by Pot participants to determine the amount to be paid for each chip-in.  The PPC (payment per chip-in) will be multiplied by the # of chip-ins made by the POT participant to determine their winnings to be paid at the end of the season.

Go to the Reports Page (Weekly Reports) to view the new YTD Birdie report.

The Ringer Tournament is a season-long total of a player’s best score for each hole. A minimum of 10 rounds or 50% of playable rounds during the current PWGA season must have been played to be eligible for Ringer Awards.

Ringer Awards for each flight will be given at the end of the season.

Go to the Reports Page to view the current Ringer Report.

Club Championship

The Club Championship will be played in the Fall and consists of three rounds with Low Gross, Low Net and Low Putts winners in each flight. There will be a Club Champion and runner-up for Low Gross and for Low Net. A player can win only one prize. At least two rounds must be played, with the best two rounds counting towards the tournament.

To be eligible to compete in the Club Championship, each golfer must play a minimum of 10 rounds or 50% of playable rounds in league play. All members may compete for points in the alternate weekly event tournaments that will be played the same days as the Championship rounds.

Championship winners are announced at the end of the season and will receive their awards at the end of the season.