Many thanks to Pat Hughes for her research to generate the information on this page (added to the website in 2019).  She scoured minutes, websites and treasurer information to collect a history of our league. She is still working on filling in some holes. Please contact her if you have any information to add.

1991 - Changed day of league play from Monday to Tuesday when Monday is a Holiday.

1991 - Board voted to require players to complete 5 rounds to establish League handicap.

1994 - Computer System implemented for handicaps.  Committee Chair entered 20 scores for each member from 1993 as base for 1994 member handicap.

1994 - Board agreed the league President and Pinecrest Club Manager can cancel League Tournament due to inclement weather.

1994 - Bylaws change - Officers to serve a two year term and League checking account to include Treasurer and President on signature card.

1994 - Board votes to limit Membership to 100.

1995 - Course Management announced that power carts may be used on Fairway with 90 degree rule.

1998 - Bylaws change...10 Rounds of golf required in a season to retain membership for the next year. Exception ... medical reason or family emergency.  Effective Spring 2000.

1998 - To be eligible to compete for Club Championship, player must have played 10 rounds or completed 50% of available playable rounds.

1998 - Golf shoes with metal spikes no longer acceptable on County Courses ... soft spikes only.

1998 - League voted to establish a  weekly “Chip In Pot”.  Member signed in and donated $.10 each week of play.

2002 - “Chip In Pot” fee increased to $.25 each week of play.

2004 - New “Toilet “ put on course at hole #5.

2006 - New computer system inaugurated.

2007 - League Logo Introduced by Alice Lima-Whitney

2007 - League Start Time revised ... 8 a.m. for April and October; 7 a.m. for May thru Sept

2007 - Newly instituted computer system allows members to reserve specific time slots. Handicaps carried over to new season.  Handicap based on best 10 rounds of past 20 rounds. Flights adjusted on regular basis to place equal number of members in each group.

2007 - First time cash prizes awarded at Fall luncheon instead of Gift Certificates.

2007 - Chip In and Birdie duties made a responsibility of Tournament Committee.

2008 - Bylaws change - Dues are not refundable except in extreme circumstances as approved by Executive Committee.  Dues will be prorated on August 1 for new members joining after that date.

2013 - “Sign Up Genius” an online tee time signup service introduced.

2019 - Chip In pot changed to $7 pre-payment (based on # of non team events for the year) with payout included in money envelopes at the end of the year.

2019 - We begin playing from the Gold tees (2,054 yds).  Pinecrest added Gold tees (basically at the prior Red tee locations) moving the Red tees forward (from 2,048 yds to 1,858 yds) which would have shortened our play by 190 yards.

2020 - COVID19 Pandemic - Spring Meeting is cancelled.  Golf courses don't re-open until June and then all play is only Just for Fun.  No Annual Luncheon.   ChipInPot changed from weekly to annual with $7 paid with dues then paid out at end of year.  (Total Pot is divided by total chipins earned by participants to get PPC (payment per chip in) times # of chipins earned by the individual).

2021 - COVID19 Pandemic is still with us BUT Pat Martin added a new online score entry system (POSI) so we are playing competitively this year!  Annual Luncheon is cancelled.   Members are emailed about their winnings with option of applying all or portion to 2022 dues and receiving a check for the balance.  

2022 - At the beginning of the season, members voted to continue playing from the Gold tees.  However, members may state at the beginning of the season that they intend to play from the Red for the season and will earn attendance credit only.

2023 - Dues increased to $38.  "Leaderboard" introduced for tee time signup and entering scores.

Last Modified: Nov 09, 2022

History of dues

1989 dues $20
1991 increased to $22
1993 increased to $23
1994 increased to $25
1997 increased to $27
2001 increased to $35
2004 increased to $40
2006 decreased to $35
2007 decreased to $30
2008 increased to $35
2023 increased to $38

Round of golf

1990 $5.50, cart extra
2001 $14 and power cart $12
2008 Senior golf rate $10.20 and Senior Pass $153
?       $20 special golf + riding cart rate


1998 Shirley Harris
1998 Zoe Parker
2008 Sheila Brackett
2009 Carol Brown ... Hole #7.

Past Presidents


Ruth Coakley


Kathi Pierce


Pam Matthes


Vicki Haugen


Terry Gabrielson


Trippi Penland


Barbara Miller


Dottie Tull


Helen Winter


Diane Pyne


Mary Lane