Welcome to the PWGA golf league. We are happy to have you join us 


Communicating with our members is important to us. Please be sure to keep us updated with your current email address. We communicate with you via emails and a wealth of information is available on our website at

MENTOR PROGRAM for new members

Donna Caruso manages the program and will assign you a mentor to help you get acclimated to our league.  


  • The dropdown Menu is at the top of each webpage - but everything you really need is in the Member Handbook. Please read and refer to it often.
  • Translate appears at the top left of each webpage (if you prefer to see the page in another language)

You don’t need to be logged to view most of the information on the website BUT when there is additional Member-Only content, you will be instructed to Login. (OR use the LogIn at the bottom of the Menu)   Your temporary password was sent to you in the Welcome email.  
To reset your password for the - send an email request to


Sign up for a tee time 1 week in advance in SignUpGenius (SUG) beginning at 7:30pm each Monday ending at noon each Saturday.  

Complete instructions and troubleshooting help are here –> SUG Instructions & Help

  1. You will receive a SUG invite each Monday at 7:30pm reminding you to sign up for the following week. Note – you don’t have to wait for the email to sign into   Also, the SUG logo will appear on the website each Monday evening so you can just click it. 
  2. You can change or cancel your tee time in SUG before noon on Saturday.
    Call the course after 4pm on Saturday at 703-941-1061 to add/change/cancel tee times.)

    Important Note: Try to fill in all time slots. If you skip time slots, Pinecrest may move your tee time earlier.


Two players from each group must keep score during the round. After the round, they total the 2 scorecards and verify that the scores match. One member from the group takes the white Official Scorecard to enter it online into POSI by 3:30pm on day of play.

Just click the POSI logo that appears on the website on day of play to open POSI.  
             OR URL is OR
Your username and password are your email address.  If you wish to change your password, click Account on the menu.

To reset your password for POSI click the “Forgot your password?” link below the POSI login area.


New members must play five (5) rounds at Pinecrest to receive a PWGA handicap. League rounds are automatically included.

  • Non-league rounds may be submitted to establish your handicap. Only rounds played with and attested to by another PWGA member will count towards a handicap. These may be played any day of the week. (Just submit the signed/attested scorecard via this link.) Once your handicap is established, only rounds during League play are counted.




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Password Problems?

Forgot your password?

  • for this website:  Send a Reset Password Request email to pwgagolf
  • for POSI/Score Input: Click the "Forgot Your Password?" link under the LogIn in POSI(Password was originally your email address.)