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  1. BOARD OF DIRECTORS - Officers, Membership Chairs & Committees
  2. for Members ONLY   (Must be Logged In to see the page - Click here to Log In)
    1. Member Directory   (view online or open/print pdf file)
    2. Member Pictures (Gallery)
      1. New Member Pictures (Gallery)
    3. Golf Clinics   (Apr thru Oct)  See details in President's Message on the homepage.
    4. Minutes: Fall & Spring Meetings
    5. Check Request Form
  3. PWGA Bylaws
    1. PWGA League Rules 2022  (revised 9/17/22 for hole#8)
      1. Why we play from Gold
      2. A Bit of Etiquette
    2. Pinecrest Golf Course Rules
    3. USGA Rules
      1. Highlights of 2019 Rules of Golf Changes
    1. 2022 List of Weekly Events
    2. Descriptions of what each weekly event means
      1. Enter your total score & putts on the scorecard. The computer calculates your weekly event score.
    1. Welcome
    2. Tee Times & Pinecrest Discounts for Members
    3. Sign Up to Play (SignUpGenius instructions & help)
    4. Day of Play
      1. Official PWGA Scorecard to Print  (link opens pdf)
      2. Sign out the Official Scorecard  (so we know what groups should be in POSI)
      3. Pace of Play
      4. Suggestions for Speeding Up Play
      5. Suggestions for Cart Riders
      6. Tips for Playing in Cold Weather
      7. A Bit of Etiquette
    5. Keeping Score
      1. Enter your total score & putts on the scorecard. The computer calculates your weekly event score.
    6. Enter Scores Online (POSI - PWGA Online Score Input)
      1. Enter scores by 3:30pm day of play.  
        1. If a group's scores are not input by 3:30pm, closer will make 1 attempt to contact group members.
        2. Scores not input by 4pm will NOT be included in the day's reports. (not even as attendance only)
        3. It is the individual player's responsibility to ensure their scores have been entered.
        4. HELP How can I verify that my scores were input? 
          1. Click the View this week's POSI input link under the POSI logo on the homepage.
      2. POSI - Quick Sheet instructions Rev 5/22/22
      3. How to Add a POSI shortcut to the home screen of your mobile device
      4. View this week's POSI input. to make sure your group was entered.  (doesn't require log in)
    1. Determining Handicaps & Flights
      1. New members establishing HC - submit the signed/attested scorecard via this link.
    2. Points and Awards
    3. Birdies
    4. Chip Ins & Chip In Pot
    5. Ringer Tournament
    6. Club Championship
  8. HISTORY of our League
  9. THANKS - The PWGA would like to thank the management and volunteers at Pinecrest
    who always make our season run so smoothly.  We appreciate their time and patience.
    1. Pinecrest Clubhouse      703 941-1061


Last Modified: Sep 17, 2022

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