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Welcome to the 2022 season of the PWGA!  We have some interesting, fun and challenging tournaments scheduled for you.  A list of weekly tournaments can be found at the link below.  Please help us have a great season by reviewing and following the procedures listed in this handbook.  Note:  There is no minimum number of golfers needed to have a tournament be counted and scores entered into the computer.

                                     2022 Weekly Event/Tournament Schedule

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             Tee Times for 2022

  *First week of April though the last week of October   (31 plays)

                   7:30am to 10am for April (16 tee times)

                   7am to 9:30am for the rest of the season (16 tee times)                                  

When Monday is a holiday, we play on Tuesday (12 tee times)


Members can have the use of a hand cart at no charge.
PWGA members get a 15% discount in the golf shop for all merchandise except golf balls.
Riding carts are $13 per person. As the course is currently short of riding carts, all members are encouraged to ride two to a cart.



SignUpGenius  Sign up for a tee time in advance.

Signup opens Monday at 7:30pm and closes Saturday at noon. 

Click the SUG icon above OR log into with your email and password to sign up.  You can change or cancel your tee time in SUG before noon on Friday.   (Call the course after 4pm on Saturday at 703-941-1061 to add/change/cancel tee times.)

Important Note: Try to fill in all time slots. If you skip time slots, Pinecrest may move your tee time earlier.  

Complete instructions and troubleshooting help are here –> SUG Instructions & Help

On day of play, be at the clubhouse 30 minutes ahead of tee time and be prepared to tee-off ten minutes early. Be ready to walk to the tee when the starter calls your group.

Late or need to cancel?  It is your responsibility to call the Clubhouse at Pinecrest (703-941-1061) if you will be late or need to cancel your tee time. If you fail to keep your tee time three weeks in a row and do not call the starter, you will not be able to sign up for a tee time for the next three weeks. You may play, but will have to show up and wait for an opening.

If you have not signed up and want to play, arrive early or call (703-941-1061) and the starter may be able to get you on.

Pinecrest Management and PWGA expect that a round of golf will be played in 2 hours. 

From the Pinecrest scorecard


Play "Ready Golf".  Leave your golf bag on the exit side of the green and wait until you get to the next tee box to record your scores. Do not sign up to play during the first hour if you cannot play in less than 2 hours since these groups set the day's pace.

Helpful link ->> Golf for Beginners: Golf Etiquette, Rules and Glossary (

Play "Ready Golf"   Don't be concerned with honors at the tee or who is further away from the hole in the fairway.  Plan your shot while walking/riding to your ball or while others are playing and quickly move between shots.  Walk directly to your ball, do not follow others, and be ready to play when it is your turn.

On the Greens - Leave pull carts, power carts and any clubs not being used on the green on the EXIT side of the green.  Line up your putt when others are putting.  You may continue putting out until you hole out unless you will be standing on another player's line.  The first player to hole out is responsible for replacing the flagstick.

Keep up with the group ahead of you.  You should always be within one shot of them.

Be responsible for knowing the location of your ball and assist your partners, when possible, in watching where they hit their ball.

Hit a provisional ball (after the other players have hit theirs) when your ball may be lost or out of bounds.  USGA Rules.

Search only 2 minutes for a lost ball.  Other players should hit their balls while you search and then help you find your ball.

Record scores either on the way to or at the tee of the next green.

Take only one practice swing at each tee box.

It will speed up play if the player opts to drop a ball parallel to where the ball entered the hazard and takes the one stroke penalty, instead of returning to the place where she hit the shot.

Helpful link ->> ​​​​​​​Golf for Beginners: Golf Etiquette, Rules and Glossary (


Golf CartAfter you hit, get in the cart with your club/clubs.  You can put your clubs in your bag when you stop for your next shot.

Take several clubs with you when you must walk to your ball and are uncertain which club to use.

Walk across the fairway to your ball while your partner is hitting OR drop your partner off and proceed to your ball, picking her up later.

Remember:  either person can drive.

Playing in Cold Weather

Here’s a short list of tips for playing golf in the colder months:

1.   Before you leave the house, put two balls into your pocket to warm them up.
2.   Alternate the two balls on the course – ball 1 for hole 1, ball 2 for hole 2, ball 1 for hole 3 etc.  This keeps the balls warm and they should travel further.
3.   Wear layers of clothes.  It is easier to peel off the extra layers than it is to get warm once you are cold.
4.   Wear a ski hat or wool hat.  If you need a visor put it on under the hat.
5.   Wear a glove on each hand. Winter gloves are available.  Alternatively, invest in some hand warmers.
6.   Wear a neck warmer.
7.   Use more club as your ball will not travel as far in the cold weather.

Players are expected to complete all nine holes. If for some reason a player must stop play, the reason for doing so must be indicated on the scorecard and player marked as Not Finished.

Two score cards will be kept in each group. Pick up the “official” white group-numbered card on the PWGA table OR print an Official Scorecard at home.

  • Players’ names should be printed, last name first, then first name, on each scorecard.
  • Scorekeepers will enter total strokes per hole and number of putts per hole for each player. (For the “regular” card, this is written 5/2 or 5-2.) 
  • The computer calculates the current day’s event score.

Note: The putts are counted when the player has made her first putt from the putting green and all subsequent strokes, whether or not her ball goes off the green and whether or not she uses a “putter” per se. Each player is responsible for keeping her own score and reporting it to the scorekeepers.

At the end of your round, on the Official Scorecard, write the time the 1st person teed off from the 1st hole, and the time the last person exited the 9th green.

  • After scores are totaled, verify that both cards agree.
  • The “official” scorecard must be dated and signed by the two people who were keeping score. If not signed and dated, scores do not count.
  • Designate one member of the group to take the Official Scorecard to input online by 3:30pm at
    • Player didn’t finish?  Enter the name and click the Attendance Only checkbox.
    • Be sure to attach a picture of the Official Scorecard during the input process.
  • The computer calculates your current day event score.
  • When computing Handicap, the computer will “adjust” the scores for the maximum number of shots per hole according to your handicap.  or
 Note:  your POSI password is different from your password - unless you changed it in POSI to match.

POSI (Pinecrest Online Score Input) was started in 2021.  

One person from each group will take the Official Scorecard and enter the details (and a picture of the card) into POSI online by 3:30pm on Monday.

Need Instructions/Help?  Quick Sheet - How to POSI