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The Account Registration box means that you have not Logged In to your SUG account!

  • Do NOT enter into the blank boxes at the top – they are to setup a NEW account only.
  • Go to the bottom of the page, look for “Already a Member?” and click “Login”

Note:  the Registration popup appears because you had not yet signed in to SUG.
The SUG invite email takes you to the signup but you have not yet logged in to SUG. When you select a tee time and click "Submit and Sign Up" it requires you to log in to complete the transaction.

Don’t see the current signup in your Invites list?

When you look at – Sign Ups I’ve Been Invited To – there are a lot of events listed so you can either:

  1. A.  Type the month name in the Search box OR

  2. B.  Click the Gear Icon (to the right of the Search box) to open the Settings, then click to Sort by Event Start Date.

Locate the “Forgot Your Password?” link at the bottom right on the SUG login page.
(Ignore the arrow in the screenshot below, it's for New Account.  You want "Forgot Your Password?" to the right of it.


Click it and SUG will email you a link to reset your password.

If you don’t receive any email response after using the “Forgot Your Password” link, check your spam folder.

Log into your account.

Click the circle with your initials or picture in the upper right corner.  ​​​​​​​

Select the “Settings” option.

  1. NAME:  on the Profile Tab, in the Account Information section, just type the corrected name into the First Name and Last Name fields.  Then be sure to scroll to the bottom and click Update Profile.
  2. EMAIL:  on the Profile Tab, in the Account Information section, just type the correct Email into the email field.  Then be sure to scroll to the bottom and click Update Profile.
  3. PASSWORD:  Click the Password tab.  Then just type the new password into the fields, and click Submit.

You can see your updated account information once you log out and log back in.

SIgnUpGenius Logo


  1. Do you already have a SignUpGenius account?
    1. If Yes – skip to #2.  (you only need one account)
    2. If No – You must set up a SignUpGenius account.
      1. Go to
      2. Click “Log In“, then under the blue "Log in with Facebook" bar, click “New Account”.  
      3. Complete the information – First name, last name, email and password.
      4. Be sure to now sign in to check that you can get in.
  1. Each week – on Monday starting at 7:30pm – you can sign up for a PWGA tee time.
    1. Go to,  then log in with your email and password.
      1. If you’ve forgotten your password, click "Forgot your password?" below the blue "Login with Facebook" bar on the Login screen to get a new one. (see the screenshot above)
  2. Where is this week's signup?
    1. If you are in SUG and don't see the signup, there are 2 ways to get there.
      1. Click the circle in the upper right-hand corner with your picture or initials - to expand the menu.  Then click Sign Ups.    OR
      2. Click the Sign Ups circle, then click the "Invited To" tab.
  3. How to select your tee time now that you are in the signup form.
    1. Available times are those with “sign up”. The others will have a name in them.
    2. Click the “sign up” button for your desired tee time.
    3. Click the “Submit and Sign Up” button (you'll need to scroll to the bottom of the page)
    4. The tee time you selected will now appear at the top under “Sign Me Up For:”. 
    5. Signing up for someone else?  
      1. ​​​​​​​Use the "Sign up as" section.
        1. Click "Display an alternate name on the signup"
        2. Name:  Type the first and last name of the member you are signing up. (NOT your name)
        3. Do NOT click "Make this my default member name."​​​​​​​ (or it changes the name on your SUG account)
    6. ​​​​​​Click "Sign up now".   (you may have to scroll down) 
    7. You will receive a Confirmation email.  
      1. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​If you signed up for someone else - remember to forward the confirmation email to them.
  4. Need to change or cancel?
    1. BEFORE noon on Saturday:  Access your SUG account at and edit your reservation.  Your reservations will be listed at the top of the page with your invites listed below.  Click on the desired reservation to Edit or Delete the reservation.
    2. AFTER 4pm on Saturday:  Call the Clubhouse (703-941-1061) if you need to cancel or change.
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